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Bronze sculpture. 13Px26Lx31H  

This is a complex work in its meanings, it is almost a story condensed into a composition dense with symbols and moreover of an absolutely effective, evocative, almost poignant plasticity. 

This hooded woman has no identity because she symbolizes all women. It is from this being concealed and chained that hails the message of a historical rebellion, ready for execution. She is a disenchanted woman, ready to be her own heroine.

The knife is the desire to succeed, to free herself from the millennial psycho-socio-cultural slavery of an entire human race. It is the awareness that DARE is the only act of honesty towards oneself capable of fighting the mediocrity and injustice of life of which she has been complicit for too long.

Without this act of self-affirmation and self-love there is no freedom, there is no creativity, there is no life, there is no vision.

Alessandra Lancellotti - art critic

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