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Terracotta sculpture. (to be cast) 14Px24Lx37H  

To be reborn, one must first die.

Transformation is a traumatic process. It's a moment of total disorientation where each of us is called to recognize the Hero within himself to find the strength and courage to let go of all that we are and let the new self be born from the rubble. All that was counted on ended up in the void. The awareness of mortality is advancing further and further.

Yet in this dumb and deaf desert will sprout a new life. A metamorphosis will take place.

To resurrect is a profound act of faith towards oneself. It is Abandon. It is the Hero who becomes Destiny.

To experience suffering and loss and discover that we are able to survive them will make us Gods, no longer subject to fear and those scars will become the loopholes of the greatest beauty in the world.

What hurts you, blesses you. Darkness is your light.

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